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Reviews for Blair R. MacBeath, MD


I have used Dr. Macbeth for 30 years and is the best around. I would highly recommend him.

   — Robert K Parker


I checked with Dr. Macbeth about the possibility of me having IBS. He told me that that was not likely for a man of my age. I was having diarrhea quite long often and was looking for a remedy. He suggested I go off Met Forman and I did and my diarrhea cleared out almost immediately. I want to thank Dr. Macbeth for his astute diagnosis.

   — Eric Fruin


I have been using Dr. MacBeath for many years. He always listen to my concerns and finds an answer or sends me to someone who can help us get answers.

   — Barbara


Very Attentive and thorough every time I see him. Also, helped today with a referral that was needed as quickly as possible.

   — LT In Texas


Just awesome enough said

   — Emma In Pittsburg Tx

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