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Reviews for Robert J. Carney, MD, FACP, FACC


When I visited Dr Carney he explained every thing to me were I could understand. I wouldn't ask for a better DR.

   — Doris Wright


Dr Carney took the time to explain what is going on with the veins in my heart, even giving analogies. He went over my numbers, explaining them thoroughly. Then after answering my questions, he came up with a plan to proceed that I have no doubt will add years to my life. I am resistant to traditional medicine but when I left, I knew his plan of action is exactly what is best for me! His entire staff was exceptional as well. I highly recommend Dr. Carney!

   — Susan McMullen


I record my blood pressure and heart rate, then take the info with me when I see Dr Carney. It helps us both see the overall picture

   — Evelyn Russell


Listened attentively and validated my concerns Recommended specific plan to address my concern

   — Charlon Franklin


I have seen Dr Carney annually since performing my triple bypass surgery 12 years ago. He has always given me clear and helpful evaluations and advice. This visit included a treadmill stress test and again he gave a candid and encouraging consultation

   — Andy


Dr. Robert Carney asks the right questions and gives a thorough exam. He saved my life when I needed a stint and didn’t know it.

   — K. Haby


Dr. Carney is a wonderful physician. He has saved me and my husband more than once. Would and have recommended him to everyone that may ever need him.

   — Sheri Shine


If you want to know who is the best cardiologist in Tyler, Tx. Ask a nurse. They will tell Robert Carney! the absolute best!

   — Bonny Flemister


I have used Dr. Carney since 1999. My last office visit I was early for my appointment (3 weeks) however the office worked me in that day.



I have been a patient for several years and had family members that were patients in the past. Dr. Carney is an excellent physician and I totally trust him with my care now and in the future.

   — Linda Smith


I had come at end of day to speak to his nurse& she asked Dr Carney if he had time to see me! He agreed and we visited about need for medication change. This was ultimately at 5:30 when we finished up!!! I was very impressed and pleased with the visit! I would heartily recommend him!!!

   — Rmhorses


I went to his office to speak with his nurse because I had been unable to get a call back. Instead I was seen for an office visit at 4:30 pm!!!! It was incredible! N

   — Rebecca Mercer


Dr. Carney is the first doctor to take the time to explain, in detail, my health issues and the treatment needed to resolve what could be resolved with me. The appointments are not rushed, he discussed treatments and options in every day terms I could understand. His staff is knowledgeable and courteous. The wait times were minimal. Highly recommend.

   — John Crites


Dr Carney is very personable. He is never in a rush to get to the next appointment. Best cardiologist ever !!

   — Mark Connelly


Dr. Carney is very personable and informative - very focused on "me" and specific about his thoughts and recommendations relative to "my" needs. I very much enjoyed meeting him on my first visit even though the news was not the best.

   — Dale A. Ross


Going to be in the USA for only a short time. His staff found a way to get me in quickly and my wait time in the office was minimal. He took the time to look at labs that I brought with me and based on my symptoms, recommended a change in meds. Hoping this change will get me back to a good place!

   — Rick


Dr Carney is so cordial and helpful. He takes time to explain just what kind of tests he’s going to do and why. Told me what he thinks my problem is , but wants to rule out other possibilities. We appreciate his honesty and willingness to answer all of our questions.

   — Judy Logan


Saved my life!!!!!!

   — Gaylon Weaver


He is a wonderful doctor. He explained test results beautifully.

   — Nancy


Thank you Dr Carney, I know I wouldn't be here today.

   — Ray Tullos


He is a great doctor. He actually takes time to talk to you and answers all your questions. I just had a nuclear stress test and he went over everything with me. He is brutally honest with you and says DO THIS AND I WILL HELP YOU. I have high LDL cholesterol and he is helping me get it down. I have recommended him to several of my friends and will continue to do so.

   — Lyle R. Witherell


Informative, knowledgeable, caring

   — Rudy Miller


I just had a three year check-up with Dr. Carney, following up on my cardiac arrest on March 9th, 2018, and a subsequent open heart bypass procedure in September of 2018. This appointment went very well and he was pleased with the steady progress I have made. All my lab results were in really good shape and he encouraged me to continue doing what I am doing—eating healthy, daily exercise, and continue taking the medicines he has prescribed for me. I was very pleased! Dr. Carney is very straightforward, but is also compassionate when it comes to dealing with me and my family! Glad to have him as my cardiologist!

   — Rick Ellis


Loved Dr. Carney's bed side manner. He is really down to earth and I didn't feel like I was being rushed out of the office. He answered all my questions and took my concerns to heart.

   — Marita Rudd


I chose Dr. Carney after a visit with my primary care giver to get his overview of my recent Echo report. He spent a lot of time with me and explained things as he went along. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

   — Lynn


Listens to patient. Always has time to explain things on my level. Excellent cardiologist. Also took great care of my mom.

   — Arthur T. Glenn


My wife and I use Dr. Carney as our cardiologist. He not only takes time to evaluate us completely but goes the extra mile to explain what he is doing. Every time we have an office visit, we leave confident about our health. There is no doubt in our mind that he is the best cardiologist and would recommend him to anyone.

   — James & Rebecca Jordan


routine test and check-up

   — John


Short wait dr saw me very quickly

   — Marshall


Dr. Carney does a great job. He is straight forward and ensures that we understand his recommendations and diagnosis. He explains and has a wonderful chair side manner. He is in depth and provides really great feedback. It is obvious that he enjoys what he does, and appears to really care for his patients. In today's world of really fast doctor visits, he is a welcomed delight in how much time he takes with us as his patients. We are VERY fortunate to be in his care.

   — Lawrence Dow


Dr. Carney has been my cardiologist for 20+ years; he is phenomenal in all areas: skill in procedures like heart catherization, knowledge, bed side manner, honesty and a great sense of humor. And best of all, he is very humble.

   — Robert Baron


Great Cardiologist. He is very easy to communicate with and takes the time to explain your health with you. His easy going manner keeps you relaxed under any circumstance.

   — Terry Slayton


I’ve known Dr Carney for years great Cardiologist and recommend he highly!

   — Winton Welsh


Dr. Carney performed a angiogram on me last year and I continue to follow up with him as a patient. He is very relaxed and very easy to talk to. Every patient of his you talk to has a very positive experience with their treatment and relationship with him. I recommend highly recommend Dr. Carney.

   — Terry S.


Dr. Carney and Staff are amazing! Dr. Carney is a knowledgeable straight-forward physician with compassion. The world needs more doctors like him. His Staff will go above and beyond to see that your needs are addressed. Pleasure to deal with Dr. Carney and Staff!

   — Harold C.


It was a pleasure and a breath of fresh air to deal with a doctor who is true to his profession and is able to explain your medical condition in a common sense way. Reminds me of my family doctor I had as a child who was truly concerned about your well being. He is very knowledgeable which is backed up by his experience, and he is never too busy to listen to you. From the time you enter the door until the time you leave, every person encountered from the front office staff to the back office staff, instill a feeling of well being knowing that you are being cared for in the best possible fashion.

   — Jack Smith


Dr. Carney was very pleasant and spent a good deal of time with me on my initial visit as a patient with him. He asked the pertinent questions and answered all of mine. I feel very comfortable trusting him with my heart health. He was very down to earth and easy to talk to.

   — Joyce Holt


Office was very efficient and timely. Dr. Carney himself spent time talking to me, reviewing my past history, and explaining what was going on now and what needed to be done. I felt very comfortable and at ease and he spoke in a language I could understand, which I appreciated. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a cardiologist in this area! He came highly recommended to me and I found out why today.

   — Molly Brady


Nineteen years and 9 months ago I first met Dr. Carney in the ER at Mother Frances Hospital after having a heart attach. I had to have a triple bypass and he and Dr. Lee saved my life. i have followed up with him yearly for almost 20 years and have had no problems and by bypasses are still good. I had an office visit 11-29-20 and he always has time to explain what you need to do to have the best life you can, he really cares for his patients and I appreciate him.

   — Linda Poteet


Arrived 15 minutes before my appointment and did not have to wait very long. Staff is very friendly but Dr. Carney is the GREATEST !!! I recommend him to all my friends. He makes me feel relaxed and answers all my question in a manner that I can understand. I trust him.

   — LaRee Gonzalez


High blood pressure and had to have pacemaker to control heart rate. Had many FaceTime appointments but finally found the right combination of drugs to return my health to near normal.

   — Clinton Taylor Holley Sr.


Dr. Carney treats me like an adult, and makes me a partner in my outcome. Very easy to talk to and discusses my concerns without trying to get out of the room as quickly as possible, as some do. Highly recommended.

   — Russ Braudis


Dr.Carney is a very nice doctor.He takes the time to explain everything for me to understand.He doesn’t rush you out on your visit.Really enjoys my visit . If you looking for a doctor who cares and treat you with respect.I recommend Dr.Carney.

   — Theresa Thompson


Dr. Carney has been my cardiologist for around 25 years. I have had heart issues during this entire time and he has pulled me thru many rough times. He is very knowledgeable and knows how to treat you.....In addition, I think he is the finest doctor I have ever known.

   — John Rader


have been to Dr. Carney several times, had stent placement done by him, Dr. Hector and Dr. Meese..excellent care, knowledgeable, human touch. Will rely on him and/or his associate MDs for lifetime care.

   — Ray Smith, RN, CRNA (ret)


I think he is a great cardiologist!!! He takes time to visit with you (unlike most doctors) and answers your questions. He is enjoyable to be around. I would not want any other DR taking care of my heart problems!!! Allan Helberg

   — Allan Hellberg


Dr. Carney has been my cardiologist for 20 years, he is the best.

   — Eddie Childress


Dr Carney in my opinion is a very good Dr. He explains things to where you can understand .He cares about his patients and their health issues. Would highly recommend him.

   — Dale Auxier


Follow up visit. Dr. Carney has been my cardiologist for twenty years. He literally has kept me alive. He is genuinely concerned not only with my health but every one of his patients. A compassionate man for sure. Explains everything in detail. Even draws pictures to explain in detail. I have recommended him to numerous friends. They all love him as much as I do. I hope he never retires!

   — Laura Griffin


He is awesome! So knowledgable and thorough! He’s a straight-shooter with compassion! If I could give him 10 stars, I would!

   — Patty Cook


Dr. Carney is the best cardiologist !!! He's easy to talk to, he explains and answers all questions and takes his time - you never feel like you've been "rushed through". If I could give him a 10 I would, (ratings don't go that high) !!! He has pulled me through many crisis and has always been successful in diagnosing and helping me with my heart issues - he always seems to "think ahead".

   — W. Hill


After a heart attack, I was assigned a cardiologist at the hospital. As soon as I left the hospital, I chose another one. After the third try, I found Dr. Carney and was completely satisfied! He is the BEST! He takes all the time you need with him, always explaining treatment and medications and answering all of my questions. I would (and do!) highly recommend him!

   — Sally I.


I have seen Dr. Carney twice now and he is wonderful! Very knowledgeable and he listens to what I have to say and explains the facts in a plain easy to understand way. He does NOT talk down to you make you feel like you can't ask questions.

   — Liza


First visit for me with Dr. Robert Carney. First impression: smart, personable, informative, friendly, and very competent. I liked him and feel very satisfied with the visit.

   — D. Harris


Dr. Carney is a very compassionate and caring individual doctor. He always has time to truly listen to a patient and answers questions in a way the patient can understand. I have found him to be a very gracious and humble man.

   — J. Cutts


On time. Has time to explain and discuss. Treats you as an individual. Knows what he is doing.

   — T Kevin King MD


I have been a patient of Dr. Robert Carney's for over 20 years. He is a topnotch physician in his specialty. He is the main reason I am alive today & enjoy excellent heart health.

   — Charles R. Conrad


Dr Carney has treated me for the past 14 years. His easy manner and excellent ability saved my life back in 2005 and he has always been there when I needed him. One of them truly great heart doctors

   — Jim Deramus


Dr Carney has treated me for the past 14 years. His easy manner and excellent ability saved my life back in 2005 and he has always been there when I needed him. One of them truly great heart doctors

   — Jim Deramus


Dr. Carney is very caring, conscientious, and knowledgeable. He is a very personable gentleman. I felt at ease talking to him. I would recommend him to other patients. I truly believe he saved my life.

   — Pam Pierce


My experience was very positive.

   — Terry Cooper


Great Doctor

   — Harmon Kirkley


Dr. Carney is a very caring and conscientious and thorough doctor. He makes the patient feel at ease. He is so knowledgeable of the cardiology field and I would recommend him to any patient.

   — Ruth Dunnavant


Great service from staff very informative easy to understand .Great job

   — Johnny Johnson


I instantly felt at ease with Dr. Carney. He was very knowledgeable and explained everything so I understood it. He was also interested in everything I had to say. I am happy that I was referred to him. I would highly recommend Dr. Carney to anyone having cardiology issues.

   — Marjorie Garris


He was excellent. Explained my condition to me where I could understand everything.

   — Michelle


I have recommended Dr Carney to family and friends and even strangers a couple of times as i will in the future

   — John Weldon


I would recommend Dr. Carney to everyone who needs a heart Dr. I have an aunt and a cousin who use him. They feel the same way. He takes time with you and will answer your questions truthfully. His staff is excellent and very knowledgeable.

   — Allan Helberg


Dr. Carney is the best physician I have ever come across. I have recommended him to several people. He has treated my husband for his heart condition for several years and is always professional, kind and has a wonderful bedside manner. Anyone in the Tyler, TX area that needs a cardiologist should absolutely choose Dr. Carney.

   — Pam Davenport


Dr. Carney "inherited" me as a patient when Dr. Meese left the practice. I have known Dr. Carney for a number of years as his clinical expertise, his genuine concern, and his sense of humor continue to impress me. Privileged to call him my cardiologist.

   — Ray Smith


Great cardiologist. Wonderful personality explains things where you can understand. Took excellent care of my mother years ago. Highly recommend Dr. Carney.

   — Arthur Glenn

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